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Custom Installation at Schaefer's

“Custom Installation” is a very broad term that gets used by many, but understood by few. To us, Custom Installation means just that – an audio/video system that is custom tailored to your wants & needs. You can see many different examples of options- right in our store. We have an 800 sq. ft. house built right in our showroom. Our install specialists & designers have been integrating homes and commercial applications for over 30 years. No job is too big or small for our team- and we can design systems for you to fit most any budget.

Home Networking: More and more products and a/v equipment in your home require a network connection. How many smartphones, iDevices, and/or tablets do you have in your household? TV’s, bluray players, and game systems all connect to the internet for streaming services. If you can count more than 8-10 connections throughout your home, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. The more connections you have to your home network, the more your network will get bogged down. We can design a reliable in home network for you that is stable and secure… so you can spend less time resetting routers and modems, and more time enjoying your devices!

Audio/Video Distribution: Sharing audio and video equipment throughout your home: network all of your AV gear from 1 centralized location to Share and Access your Game System, Watch your favorite programs and Listen to virtually any song you can think of, in any room in your home.

Home Theater: Your dedicated media room will make you never want to go to the movie theater again. Say goodbye to $12 popcorn!  We can integrate your living room with hidden speakers that will blend into any decor, yet blow your mind as far as sound quality.

System Control / Automation: The most important aspect of any system is easy control.  We’ll design a system control that WORKS! Anybody can sell you a system, but not everybody can make it work seamlessly and make it so YOU can control your system easily!

Central Vacuum Systems: Do you have allergies or pets? If so, a central cleaning system is PERFECT for you. They are 99.9% dust free and up to 5 times more powerful that a standard upright cleaner! BEAM is the number ONE name in central vacs!

Structured Wiring Systems: If you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing one – you owe it to yourself to make sure that you are wired for the future.  Our team will give your home the flexibility to expand as your audio/video system expands. So many of todays consumer electronics and appliance products are "smart" or “connected” – meaning your TV, Roku box, Game console, etc and many streaming video services all require a comprehessive plan to make them all work together.

What about wireless??? Isn’t everything wireless now? The short answer to that is – wireless networks are great for mobile applications, but not always reliable enough for distributing your ENTIRE system – 4K video, high bit rate audio, gaming, and data distribution. Run a wire while you can!

There are a number of places that you can go or people you can call to pre-wire your home, however there are very few that truly understand networked audio/video/data distribution and why we are running the wires we do. We have been serving Lincoln for over 75 years and we will be here another 75 years serving you. We look forward to working with you on your project!


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